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Isn’t it curious that those perceived valuations of “external” events or symbolic abstractions are beyond- (meta-, super-, plus-, etc.) the mental capacity for comprehension? It may be believed that many persons, individually and collectively in groups or societies, have protracted ambivalent measures to extend the meta-human mind to beurocratic insurrection and monetization as a primary scheme of serious valuation in “democratic” or labeled “free” societies? It is apparent, yet again in recent history, that the “forces” or groups (read: conspirers or colluders) have severely influenced the main systems of physical labor and methods of production via the promotion of capitalization of every natural and human resource available or apprehended.

There will be no method to form the future but by our cultivation of personality through the creative apprehension of material and meta-real facets of our perception. That language is our most liberal and free expression of the event of personhood is a proper valuation of what is real, because what is real is what we share with each other. That which is lost and squandered is kept to one’s own. The gift is yours to share.

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