looking in and speaking out

For the pressures that substain this country to diminish is a wish-fantasy that is going to leave a lot of people robbed blind of their own lives, most probably without ever experiencing a higher platitude of consciousness or enjoyment than watching prime-time news television viscerally or the false participation in organized sporting events and religious rituals. The sheer weight of disinformation being spread in Western society is innumerable in its capacity to propel the elite to higher platitudes of self-deception and deliberate white-collar crime against “the masses.” It is as if these bourgeois scalawags live ultimately in the heartless object-fantasy of the body-without-organs (e.g. Dick Cheney).

Due to the incapacity of these caricatures to feel the true effects of their misdeeds, it is, what I believe is most necessary at this juncture in history, to promote people’s looking in and speaking out. Whether the individual lives which are affected by these broader structural hierarchies by the theft of their personal freedoms in a blind exchange for national freedom to conquer and pilfer the world’s peoples and resources is no longer the question. The answer that has been sought has been one of political and economic resourcefulness that has ultimately led to the (hopeful) realization that the monetization of the world’s resources is the catastrophic twist to a once-beautiful destiny of mankind.

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