bridge across forever

The bridge across forever extends like a vast ocean of experience. The sailors aboard every vessel hail the tumultuous waters beneath them, unabashed by the tidaling waves. These adventurers seek a fortitude within, never able to find their personhood on such solid grounds as the ones most of us walk. What is it that they find, in the depths below, as they cast the loneliest lure into a space full of angels. We can’t surely know.

What we can intend is a method to escape the hard surfaces we create in our own minds, by limiting ourselves in financial forms based on numbers shadily squared by barons in the night. It isn’t our duty to find sustinance in the masterful manipulation of political objects or material goods, alienated by their loveless creation and unfortunate existential crises alone. We cannot bequeath a future that has a shelf life longer than we give to the human in each of us as we all have inherited. It is only now and forever that we re[mind] each other what we have re[membered] about ourselves and our history.

This world is evolving quickly, but never has it been so possible for the creature to rise in an ocean so deep than in the critical mass of the information age.

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