stand out

“If knowing yourself and being yourself were as easy to do as to talk about, there wouldn’t be nearly so many people walking around in borrowed postures, spouting secondhand ideas, trying desperately to fit in rather than to stand out.”
― Warren G. Bennis

The thought of an individual standing out in present hypermedia culture is obliterated by our imagination of ourselves. Forever chasing the last signatory to a broken tomb called art, fashioned from the crooked psyche of a psychotic species. We can’t look for answers in those pamphlets that are ready-made answers to our lives and their endless pursuit of meaning. It’s not so easy to simply give up and live with the weight of the world on your shoulders – if you see it. Truth comes into the door when you are prepared to answer its calling, but identity is a manifestation of a person’s resonance, unnoticed to the observer. By lightly tapping shoestring melodies in a dusty bar, you can find a glimpse of freedom that you can pull on to rip out the cords of reality. Improvements were never made by making bitter life more digestible, but by inventing new exciting methods to approach the texture and flavor of our nourishment. Entertainment doesn’t seek to erase boredom, but rather place it where creativity once played about.

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