biggest mistake

The consumer class, comprising the majority of first world persons, are running out of shit to do. They’re bored. Obama didn’t bring real change to this country, and most remaining hope has been dissolved throughout his presidency. As the population continues to support themselves by dividing the empty remainder of modern culture, hoes must be pimped. In capitalist economics, each hoe should be their own pimp, but the multi-level marketing schemes and prized protected Ponzi status of the social security system and global pension funds perpetually exploit those who would be deceived into believing into thinking that they can interpret its benefits.

“The biggest mistake a bitch can make is to think that a pimp really loves her.” – Ice T

This system, and this life, do not serve you or your interests. The very meaning of “special interests” is that which you would have to claim rightful ownership of as an individual among families, which cannot be independent. The same problem appears in every middle school child’s room in America – one cannot simply stuff one’s neglected items and refuse into a fantasy void where it will be taken care of. That simply cannot be, and the resolution to this problem lies in organization – the common solution we encounter in most human endeavors. Our art is in organization and creating order from chaos, and to suggest there is any other technological or ideological answer is just fucking wrong.

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