life offers madness as a means of escape from smaller problems. when the burden of debt is lifted, the slave becomes free to risk his life for selfish gains. without a plan, you’re fucked. people can’t understand what’s wrong with others until they self-reflect. depression ceases when the journey continues.

positive tendencies


the brain melts end over end like a candle in the void of time, constantly dripping, never ending, it urges and cycles to points of rare continuity – flashes of everything appearing to just about be okay. falling faster as gravity takes its solemn grip, wasting away the sprite’s production. melting. re-cycling to a more […]

pray for everyone

pray for everyone

The 1928 book Propaganda, written by Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, begins with the lines: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of […]

biggest mistake

biggest mistake

The consumer class, comprising the majority of first world persons, are running out of shit to do. They’re bored. Obama didn’t bring real change to this country, and most remaining hope has been dissolved throughout his presidency. As the population continues to support themselves by dividing the empty remainder of modern culture, hoes must be […]

stand out


“If knowing yourself and being yourself were as easy to do as to talk about, there wouldn’t be nearly so many people walking around in borrowed postures, spouting secondhand ideas, trying desperately to fit in rather than to stand out.” ― Warren G. Bennis The thought of an individual standing out in present hypermedia culture is […]

game change


Game Change is the most deeply idealistic political strife conceivable. It is the love impulse of politics and progress. It is the measure of real positive development. Communism, socialism, Marxism, feminism, critical thinking, genders studies, animal rights and ecologism – these are all utterly and unforgivably primitive and oppressive crap compared to Game Change. Or […]

relatively strange


“What we call ‘normal’ is a product of repression, denial, splitting, projection, introjection and other forms of destructive action on experience. It is radically estranged from the structure of being. The more one sees this, the more senseless it is to continue with generalized descriptions of supposedly specifically schizoid, schizophrenic, hysterical ‘mechanisms.’ There are forms […]

making progress


The strongest words echo in the mind, not in the mouths of those who simply beckon it into existence. A word is sacred. All of them are alive. There is a growing problem with determining the direction we take with language. Is it time to universalize all languages? Should we create a new international language? […]

nobody seems to notice


It’s a shame how little people are really concerned with the ongoing global economic situation. Most are caught up with the minor details of egoistic politicians making outlandish remarks that are irrelevant to anything of any consequence. The United States of America is continually defending itself from any and all sources of reason that are […]