nobody seems to notice

It’s a shame how little people are really concerned with the ongoing global economic situation. Most are caught up with the minor details of egoistic politicians making outlandish remarks that are irrelevant to anything of any consequence. The United States of America is continually defending itself from any and all sources of reason that are external to its domineering plans of maintaining hegemony through military offensives. Pensions are being cut, social security is continually targeted for adjustments by Congress, the stock market along with its investors are being fucked with on a daily basis. In the infamous words of the late George Carlin: “nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.” It’s deeply disturbing to watch social unrest break out in various parts of the world because of these systems’ incompatibility with the nature of human life on Earth.

But nothing has really happened in years. Obama and his gang of crony Capitalists (read: Communists) have kept their hand on the money printer and utterly sabotaging any rational possibility of a future but what is collected from the rubble. It can be seen very clearly by the propaganda so widely spread by major media outlets of all sorts as they clamber to sort themselves out at the very top of the dog pile in this Hell that we have created and now inhabit. By utilizing the very nature of the human condition to propel their own engine of destruction, they have no allies in humanity itself and are therefore bent towards destroying it as a whole. Let’s just hope they find the light and kill themselves first – it may be our only real chance to restore sanity of any aspect.

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