making progress

The strongest words echo in the mind, not in the mouths of those who simply beckon it into existence. A word is sacred. All of them are alive. There is a growing problem with determining the direction we take with language. Is it time to universalize all languages? Should we create a new international language? Which one could possibly be the best? Why? What is the true nature of language? Have we created it, or are we still one link away from reality in our use of language? Many questions have been unanswered, and still others arise as we enter the age of the technological catalyst in communication with nanocomputers and studies in artificial life. It seems we are making progress, and we expect it to, but will it really keep going at this pace? Are there no limits to our human capacity or should we press onward for the finale?

Who or what is to ultimately decide where humanity’s future is destined? Have we come to any reasonable accumulation of information or justification for any major world religion? Have we expressed any certainty on the ideas of relativism, perspective or consciousness, despite an extensive record of experiential data? What derives the element of Power, Freedom, Justice or Truth? Will we ever know? Should we continue our struggle or accept what is given?

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